Physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka Sector 22
November 16, 2021
Physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka Sector 22

What do we do with physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is prescribed by a physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 22 as a remedy according to the catalog of remedies, similar to a drug. Depending on the type and severity of the clinical picture, the type and number of treatments is determined.

The first visit to the physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka Sector 22 usually consists of the anamnesis – the analysis of the medical history in conversation – and a thorough examination, during which, among other things, the strength of the muscles and mobility are checked and pain is precisely localized. Based on the information from the conversation and the examination, the physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 22 then creates a physiotherapeutic therapy plan and discusses the individual goals with the patient.

Depending on the therapy plan, active, assisted and passive exercises are carried out at regular intervals. In passive physiotherapy exercises, the physiotherapist in Dwarka moves the patient’s joints without the patient working with his or her muscles. This improves mobility and promotes blood circulation. At the same time, contractures and stiffening are avoided.

Physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 22

With assistive physiotherapy exercises, the patient has to use muscle power himself. However, the movements are supported by the physiotherapist or special physiotherapy devices. If the training takes place in the water, the buoyancy is used as an assistive force.

Active physiotherapy exercises are performed by the patient without assistance. It is corrected and checked by the physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 22. This also includes resistive physiotherapy exercises that involve working against muscle strength, equipment or water resistance. As far as possible, the patient should also perform the exercises at home and integrate them into everyday life.

What do I have to consider after physiotherapy?

You should also practice independently at home. This accelerates the healing process.

The increased stress on individual muscle groups can cause sore muscles, but this is not dangerous. Exhaustion and tiredness are symptoms that can result from increased physical work. If you experience pain or injuries after physiotherapy, it is advisable to visit physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka Sector 22.

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