Physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka Sector 21
November 16, 2021
Physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka Sector 21

When Physiotherapy Can Be Beneficial

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy treats restrictions in the body’s ability to move and function and is a medically prescribed remedy. It is a useful addition and sometimes an alternative to operations or medication. Physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 21 performs physiotherapy, physical exercises, massages and manual lymphatic drainage.

Physiotherapy can be carried out as an inpatient (in a physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka Sector 21) or outpatient (in a physiotherapy practice). There is also home physiotherapy. The physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 21 comes to the patient. This has the advantage that the patient can practice certain movement sequences in his familiar environment. Mobile physiotherapy is also useful for patients for whom their illness or physical limitations make it difficult or even impossible to visit a practice.

A special variant is the extended outpatient physiotherapy: In addition to general physiotherapeutic care, it includes advanced medical training that restores the patient’s performance both privately and at work.

Physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 21

When do you do physiotherapy?

The goals of physiotherapy in Dwarka are primarily determined by the patient and his clinical picture. Basically, it is about relieving pain, promoting metabolism and blood circulation, and improving or maintaining mobility, coordination, strength and endurance. In addition to the age and condition of the patient, physiotherapy should also take into account everyday living conditions. The course of the disease also plays an important role.

Diseases of the supporting and locomotor organs

In orthopedics in particular, the means of physiotherapy are used for diseases of the spine and extremities as well as after injuries and operations. These include broken bones, rheumatism, scoliosis, herniated discs as well as congenital deformities and malformations such as clubfoot. The treatment of sports injuries can also benefit from physiotherapy measures.

Nervous system disorders

A wide spectrum of neurological diseases makes use of the treatment options of physiotherapy. This applies, for example, to paralysis, movement disorders and functional disorders after injuries to the skull and spinal cord, damage to the central nervous system (CNS) during childbirth, paraplegic syndromes and multiple sclerosis. With the help of physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 21, the interaction of the patient’s sensory and motor skills is trained.

Diseases of the internal organs

In diseases such as asthma, pulmonary fibrosis or cystic fibrosis, training in effective breathing and special coughing techniques can alleviate the symptoms and thus improve the quality of life. If the blood vessels or lymphatic tracts constrict, regular walking training improves blood circulation and stamina, while at the same time reducing pain. Disorders of the intestinal function such as Crohn’s disease can also be treated supportively with physiotherapy.

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