Physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka Sector 12
November 16, 2021
Physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka Sector 12

When can a physiotherapist help?

Many are familiar with various types of back pain, either sudden or constant. Some are familiar with sports injuries or even bone fractures. All of the above can be good reasons to go to a physiotherapist. However, there are many factors involved in making a decision, and back pain, for example, does not, of course, mean that you should turn to a physiotherapist. Also, after a fracture, do not go to physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka Sector 12 until your doctor tells you to. In the following, we will go into a little more detail in which cases you can go to physiotherapy yourself. The services of a physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 12 are provided with latest technology.

Physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 12

Neck-shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain are very common, especially with increased end work. The use of smartphones has also added to this inconvenience, as the head is constantly held in an unnatural position while looking at the phone. Neck and shoulder pains cause headaches or even dizziness in many people. Poor working postures and restricted trajectories are a cause of trouble as well as constant maintainers of trouble. In physiotherapy, these accustomed erroneous postures and trajectories can be corrected so that in the long run, the pains and aches are completely eliminated. Sometimes a soft tissue treatment with a physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 12 is also enough to relieve the symptoms.

Back pain

Back pain can sometimes be so severe that it restricts movement. The pain can be more severe in certain positions and even radiate to the leg. A physiotherapist can go and find out what the cause is. Physiotherapeutic exercises, soft tissue and vertebral treatments and acupuncture are used in the treatment. A skilled physiotherapist in Dwarka will also recognize when the ailment is such that it requires referral to a physician.

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is typically a slightly different ailment than neck-shoulder or back pain. Shoulder pains often occur in motion, but also at rest and at night. If the pain lasts for more than a week, it is good to go to physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka Sector 12. Physiotherapy usually focuses on treating pain with different methods, but also on correcting posture and movement patterns through physiotherapeutic exercises.

Knee pain or hip pain

Knee pain usually manifests in movement and a physiotherapist can go to treat the knee by finding out the cause of the pain by examining the entire lower limb and middle body. If your knee pain is due to a sudden injury, you should first see a doctor. Hip problems also appear in motion, but also when lying down. In this case, too, the origin of the cause is carefully determined. Usually, the effort is started by exercising the muscles in the pelvic area and the middle body, as well as increasing the strength there.

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