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Sports And Spinal Injury Centre
Sports And Spinal Injury Centre

    Health Guarantee

    SS Injury Centre is a health and quality of life project offering preventive and rehabilitative physiotherapy in Dwarka at affordable prices for everyone.

    Monitoring of Each Case

    We are involved in the health of each patient, carrying out an individualized treatment and monitoring of the evolution of each person to accelerate their recovery.

    Expert Therapist

    We are a team of certified and collegiate physiotherapist in Dwarka with extensive training and experience in quality therapeutic treatments.

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    Sports And Spinal Injury Centre

    Dr Neha Kaushik (PT) – Best Physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 19

    BPT, DCPTOT – Certified Antinatal Postnatal Therapist

    Former Physiotherapist at Venkateshwar Hospital, Dwarka, Delhi

    Dr Neha Kaushik is an expert physiotherapist in Dwarka who takes care of the recovery of our movements through physical exercises and modalities, also acting in the prevention of occupational diseases and injuries.

    • Sport Physiotherapy
    • Neurological Therapy
    • Kinesitherapy
    • Individualized Treatment
    • Traumatological Physiotherapy
    • Manual Therapy
    • Exercise Plan
    • Continued Evolution

    What we offer at our physiotherapy clinic in Dwarka

    Our Services

    We have a team of best physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 19 that provides comprehensive care and treatment in order to relieve and minimize the functional limitation of patients, reducing recovery times. Come to Sports And Spinal Injury Centre.

    Home Care Physiotherapy

    Home physiotherapy in Dwarka is characterized as assistance where physiotherapy care is performed...

    Neurological Physiotherapy

    People with brain damage can manifest various problems that also have a great functional impact,...

    Womens Health Physiotherapy

    Throughout their lives, women go through specific phases and moments, determined by hormonal,...

    Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

    Stress and the accelerated pace of life, both work and daily, accumulate all kinds of tensions in...

    Pre and Post Surgery Rehabilitation

    There is a general idea that physiotherapy is something we turn to after an accident. However, in...

    Chiropractor Treatment

    Chiropractic care is a specialty and profession in the health area that focuses on the spine,...

    Home Physiotherapist in Dwarka

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    Guarantee Feel Free From Pain Again

    • Experienced Therapists
    • Trained Therapists
    • Fully Equipped Clinic
    • Affordable Price
    • Personalised Treatment
    • Child Physiotherapists

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    Our Clients Reviews

    The best physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 19 regularly reassess the patient to identify the improvement in his general health condition and adjust the treatment. In general, we keep details of some personal data, habits, possible pain complaints and family history of illnesses.

    Shilpee Singh

    New Delhi

    Great care and personal attention was given during each physio session. I saw great results in my neck cervical pain and felt instant cure. Good place for physio...

    Aman Sehrawat

    New Delhi

    Very good service and skilled doctor responsible charges and most even comfortable environment dr neha and her team is excellent...... Thanku So Much!

    Avinash Gupta

    New Delhi

    I had injury in my knee. I was unable to walking, stairup. I get treatment for 20 days i get relief and I m also satisfied all staff are experiend and friendly nature... Thanks

    Home care physiotherapy in Montreal

    Whether it is for care in the comfort of your home, in a retirement home, or in a company, our team is there to offer you care adapted to your condition that will allow you to improve your quality of life. Sports & Spinal Injury Centre provides physiotherapists and physical rehabilitation therapists.

    What is physiotherapy?

    Physiotherapy is a discipline mainly used to treat physical health problems affecting the musculoskeletal system of an individual, as well as the neurological and cardiorespiratory systems. It is thanks to various treatments and exercises that physiotherapy in Dwarka is able to prevent and cure various limitations. Physiotherapy treatments use physical therapeutic means, that is to say not including the taking of drugs.

    Physiotherapy is therefore ideal for treating problems such as back or neck pain, pain related to the joints of the body, operation follow-ups, injuries or after-effects caused by the practice of a sport. Physiotherapy is also indicated following an accident, for problems caused by aging, as well as in delays in the development of a child. Whatever the nature of your problem, physiotherapy will allow you to reduce your functional limitations in order to recover your optimal physical capacities.

    Why call our home physiotherapist in Dwarka Sector 19?

    The treatments offered by the physiotherapists in Dwarka are beneficial in the following cases:
    • After minor or major surgery (arthroplasty, osteotomy, total hip replacement or total knee replacement, etc.)
    • After hospitalization and throughout the convalescence period
    • Following a traffic accident
    • In the event of a fall
    • As a rehabilitation after a fracture
    • For geriatric rehabilitation
    • For cancer patients, to plan suitable physical training, to improve physical endurance and manage fatigue and pain, for breathing exercises, etc.
    • To treat patients with diseases in acute, chronic, or degenerative phases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.
    • For patients with neurological diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's disease, etc.
    • For patients with upper or lower limb amputation
    • For the prevention of falls
    • For the evaluation in order to fill out a paratransit or parking permit form for people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

    Who are our physiotherapists helpful to?

    Home physiotherapy in Dwarka benefits people of all age groups. For children, pediatric physiotherapy care is offered to counter the effects of developmental delay, a motor problem, or a child's stiff neck. The physiotherapy home care offered is also intended for the elderly, in order to mitigate the consequences of aging and the related effects, in particular by delaying the loss of autonomy.

    How does a physiotherapy session take place?

    home physiotherapy in Dwarka

    When you first meet with a physiotherapist in Dwarka, they will be able, first of all, to assess your state of health and the condition that prompts you to consult. His questions will allow him to learn more about your medical history, that is to say, your medical history, your current health problems, the medications you are taking, and any medical examinations or treatments you have already received.

    This first appointment will also allow the best physiotherapy doctor in Dwarka Sector 19 to carry out a series of physical tests in order to analyze in-depth the nature of the problem afflicting you in order to determine the cause. Once you have a good understanding of your condition, our physiotherapist will be able to advise you on treatments that will help you achieve your goals.

    Physiotherapy treatments are varied and use methods such as exercises, manual techniques, electrotherapy, and heat therapy. Your physiotherapist can begin these treatments at the first meeting, or during subsequent meetings. In some cases, they can also advise you on exercises to integrate into your daily routine to improve your problems more quickly or to prevent the onset of other limitations. Our approach is primarily functional and often requires little equipment.

    Contact us for more information on our services.

    What regions do your physiotherapists travel to?

    Sports & Spinal Injury Centre offers physiotherapy services at home in Dwarka, but also in the surrounding area

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